What is CBD OIL and How can Sterling Herbal CBD OIL help?

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is becoming increasingly popular because it has a wide scope of medicinal benefits.  Similarly, clinical reports and mounds of test data show little to no side effects and a lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC).

Sterling Herbal CBD OIL is farm grown, full-spectrum, and rich in terpenes. All of our products are analysed by an independent FDA compliant laboratory. We provide the highest pharmaceutical grade hemp CBD available in the marketplace. Above all, our CBD hemp oil is free of toxins, fillers, ethanol, binders, preservatives or isolate. Similarly it is 100% Organic, Pure, potent and effective.

How Sterling Herbal CBD Oil Can Help You

Sourced for it’s potency and purity our CBD Products are used to help many health conditions.  Ranging from mild pain to very chronic health ailments.

  1. Each bottle of oil is packed with activated, potent, advanced CBD from plants.
  2. Sterling Herbal CBD OIL will NOT make you high. It contains only 0.03% THC, consequently children take it.
  3. Most importantly, it has no known side effects.
  4. Our CBD Oil comes in 3 Strengths 750MG, 1500MG and 2400MG they are very effective.
  5. Sterling Herbal CBD OIL products are RECOMMENDED by Doctors.
  6. Above all, we are not suggesting that CBD oil should take the place of conventional medicine rather Sterling Herbal CBD oil is a supplement.

Where can i buy Sterling Herbal CBD OIL in Nigeria?

Sterling Herbal CBD OIL can be bought online via www.unendingheights.com website. You can also reach us on +234 708 001 5964

What is Sterling Detoxify oxygen colon cleanse?

Sterling Detoxify Colon Cleanse is an oxygen-based, all natural, healthy formula that releases oxygen into the colon where it gently and efficiently breaks up the compacted, toxic fecal matter that has built up.  Everyone needs to detox.

 Sterling Detoxify will clean the full 21 feet of the small intestine.  Consequently

  1. Detoxify stops bloating.
  2. Stops Indigestion.
  3. Gives a flatter tummy
  4. Helps you think clearer.
  5. Weight loss,
  6. Energy.
  7. Most Importantly, it is highly recommended to use Detoxify, before you start taking your Sterling Herbal CBD Oil.
  8. Finally, cleansing the colon clears the walls for better nutrient and supplement absorption and better use of oxygen taken in.

What is the Sterling Herbal vape pen used for?


Is the heating of CBD oil to a specific temperature and inhaling the fine mist that’s produced. The result is a discreet, virtually odourless method of consuming CBD that is safer than other forms of inhalation. Sterling Herbal CBD Vape pen is efficient and extremely easy to use.

How Can The Vape Pen Help You?

The Sterling Herbal CBD vape pen is used for pain, anxiety and depression.  It combats pain under 5 minutes.


  1. Take the pen out of it’s box look for the little hole at the end of the pen 
  2. Put the hole to your lips and inhale deeply
  3. A green light will come up at the bottom of the pen. Inhale and wait 5 minutes, any pain you feel would start dissipating, until it has all gone.

Sterling Herbal CBD OIL Vape pen is 100% pure and does not contain any toxins or contaminants

Finally, the Vape pen can make you feel relaxed or sleepy.  DO NOT USE whilst driving. KEEP OUT of the reach of children

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