“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.”

— Hippocrates

Some Months ago i was on the internet and came across a product being advertised called CBD OIL, (it is Organic CBD Oil in it’s purest form) that was making the rounds.

I ordered 4 bottles. When they arrived, i kept 1 for myself to use for an injury i sustained to the sole of my foot, whilst exercising, called plantar fasciitis. 2 days after taking the CBD oil, the pain associated with the foot injury disappeared.

Lamiah momoh on the benefits of CBD oil

Then i also noticed something else, i hadn’t taken my insomnia medication for about 1 month and i was sleeping soundly unaided. How could that be? I had been suffering from this sleeping disorder for over 30 years? I had to be drugged to the hilt to get the quality of sleep that i was noticing.
Let me tell you what lack of sleep does to a human being, it almost drives them mad, it makes them irritable, forgetful, agitated, foul tempered, snapppy, forever exhausted but unable to sleep, it could also lead to anxiety and depression. I had mastered the art of not sleeping, to the extent that, i did not toss and turn in bed so no-one would suspect that i was not sleeping.

I have seen so many doctors for this problem and taken so many tablets / pills, different levels of valium, Restoril, (Temazepam) Mogadon, Nytol I & II, Kalms, tylenol pm, Rozerem, (can’t remember all) hot baths, massages, warm soya milk, counting sheep. I tried almost everything just to get a good night’s sleep. The tablets might give me temporary relief, but when my system gets used to them, they stop working and i will have to get something stronger. A side effect of taking the various tablets was, waking up tired and groggy in the mornings. I tried to avoid attending morning meetings on those days because i would not be able to concentrate or contribute anything meaningful..

By afternoon the pills would have
worn off and i would be back to normal. That was my reality.

3 days after taking the  CBD oil i realised, i could go to bed, fall asleep and wake up refreshed like anybody else. I can get up at night and go straight back to bed and fall asleep again, this has never happened to me before, if i wake up at night, that’s the end of sleep, unless i am drugged like a junkie.
Now, i’m happy, rested, calm, can think straight and function properly! After more than 30 years!
I am on a mission to spread the word and help other people who are suffering in silence like i was..
People that can sleep without aid, may not be able to relate to what i am saying, however, to me, this is a huge deal and I’m shouting it from the rooftops.

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